One of our main customers are Zenith Energy oil storage facility at Whiddy Island, West Cork where
we assist in the maneuvering of 300,000-tonne oil tankers. We also undertake numerous towage and
salvage contracts around Europe.

Services can be tailored to meet your company needs which include:

Vessel Hire

We supply an array of vessel hire services. All our vessels are fully certified and operated by competent certified crew and backed up by a highly experienced onshore management team. To view our vessels look under the heading our fleet, if your can’t find what you are looking for their let us find the suitable vessel for you on our large network list.

Salvage & Wreck Removal

We supply an array of salvage & wreck removal services. Atlantic Towage and Marine are Ireland’s premier salvage and wreck removal contractor, having acquired many years of experience in numerous salvage and wreck removal projects across Ireland.  Our experienced salvage masters and crew have successfully undertaken many complex operations, using a wide range of specialised equipment.

Marine Renewables

We provide an array of Marine Renewable services. We have a proven track record of supporting marine renewables and energy projects in Ireland and Europe, across several industries such as Offshore Wind, and Wave energy.

Crew Transfer

We provide an array of crew transfer services. We have considerable experience in both Ireland and Europe in enabling crew (and cargo) transfer for a wide range of industries such as Oil and Gas, Renewables, Offshore construction.  We have a large variety of vessels to suit your needs.

Offshore MetOcean and Monitoring Buoys

We have significant experience in this field and our clients include state departments and harbour authorities.  Our vessels are ideally equipped with A Frames, winches and cranes.  Additional assets, such as pressure washers and welders, are available to ensure the vessels are perfectly equipped for these operations.

Oil Pollution Response

We supply oil spill response equipment in the way of offshore and inshore booms and Oil skimmers. Our crews are trained in this field and have carried out successful response projects to date.

Bed levelling

We have considerable experience with harbour and coastal projects with a range of vessels and marine plant.  Our workboats have been designed with custom fitted A frames, and we have a number of ploughs available to allow ploughing and seabed levelling in harbours and estuaries.

Harbour, Coastal & International Towage

We provide an array of harbor, coastal & international towage services. We own and operate a comprehensive fleet of tug vessels of various sizes and propulsion type, which range from coastal to ocean going vessels with a variety of bollard pull.  We have a suitable vessel for any operation.

The fleet of vessels is crewed by highly trained and skilled personnel with a wide range of experience of coastal and international towage and they are supported by an experienced management team ashore.

Diving and ROV Surveys

We supply divers for any underwater requirements you may have or sometimes a preferred and more cost efficient option that our clients opt for in the way of surveys or inspections even in the most extreme depths is an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle).


We provide an array of consultancy services. With the broad range of expertise at Atlantic Towage and Marine, consultancy is available throughout the various maritime sectors that are supported by the company. Services include: Project consultancy, onsite project personnel, project feasibility studies, project HSEQ support.