Our highly skilled teams have significant experience with supporting a wide range of offshore MetOcean and Monitoring buoys.


This includes:

• Storage
• Transport
• Installation

• Maintenance
• Recovery of various types of offshore monitoring buoys and their moorings systems


Installations we have undertaken include:

• Navigation buoys
• Mooring buoys
• MetOcean (Monitoring and instrumentation) buoys

• Subsea instrumentation and moorings.
• Full mooring works, including single and multi point configurations with chain, rope, and novel installations such as load reduction devices.

Our clients include state departments, harbour authorities, offshore developers, aquaculture, survey industry. Our vessels are ideally equipped with high specification A Frames, winches, and cranes. Additional assets, such as pressure washers, cutting equipment, welders, and load measuring devices, are available to ensure the vessels are perfectly equipped for these operations.