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Dingle Ship

Atlantic Towage and Marine were proud to be part of history for their part in bringing the largest ship to ever visit Dingle Harbour in late April. The 90 metre Wilson Dublin cargo ship was berthed in the port by the company’s vessels Ocean Navigator and Ocean Lad. The Wilson Dublin called to Dingle to collect a cargo of sandstone aggregate from the local Lispole quarry which is being transported to the UK for use in roads and construction…


Atlantic Companion

Atlantic Towage and Marine came to the assistance of a large container ship, the Atlantic Companion which suffered engine failure south of the Fastnet Rock, on 13th January 2015.

The Atlantic Companion was en-route from Liverpool to Halifax when she lost engine power, drifting for more than 12 hours. The crew managed to restart the engines temporally, the 291m vessel which can carry up to 2200 containers, made her way to Bantry Bay to allow her crew to carry out repairs…


Ocean Navigator

The latest vessel to join the Atlantic Towage and Marine fleet is the Ocean Navigator, a highly versatile in-harbour tug, whose shallow draft and large wheelhouse makes her ideal as a survey vessel or dive support vessel.  Atlantic Towage and Marine recently contracted Mooney Boats to supply and fit a new crane to the Ocean Navigator, and install a custom made hydraulic A Frame, new winch and quick release tow hook.  Mooney Boats also made the transom removable to enable working over the stern, ie ploughing, seabed levelling and towing.  On completing the engineering works, the Ocean Navigator received a new paint job from top to bottom.


Atlantic Towage and Marine are expanding their operation, and have recently opened an office in Killybegs and appointed a contracts manager, Noel McGettigan Noel McGettigan has a wealth of experience in the marine industry, and was employed as a marine plant manager for 13 years; he is also an approved pilot for the port of Killybegs.  Undertaking Atlantic Towage and Marine’s Killybeg operation, he will be overseeing all the ports requirements for harbour towage, rig support and guard vessel duties and assisting in marine based construction projects. All services provided by Atlantic Towage and Marine’s Killybegs operation can be tailored to meet a company needs and includes harbour, coastal and…



Atlantic Towage and Marine Ltd have completed their biggest salvage contract to date together with Blue Ocean Marine after successfully raising the tall ship Astrid.  The complex salvage operation saw the Astrid being lifted from rocks where she sank in mid July and lifted onto a floating barge. The 42m tall ship Astrid was taking part in a Gathering cruise, bound for Kinsale, when on 24th July she experienced engine failure and was blown onto rocks near the Sovereign Islands off Kinsale during strong southerly winds. The main vessel involved the operation was Atlantic Towage and Marine’s tug Ocean Bank, used as a dive support vessel and was assisted by…


MV Trojan

The latest addition to the Atlantic Towage and Marine fleet, the MV Trojan is now fully operational following a major refurbishment. The Trojan was brought up to Killybegs in early December 2012 where she was drydocked in Mooney Boats Ltd, and had an extensive refit, which included renewing the entire deck area above the engine room, fitting a new deck crane and a hydraulic A Frame. The Trojan was completely sandblasted and the whole boat metalized. The vessel was then painted from top to bottom.  The wheelhouse and accommodation areas were also completely refurbished in Castletownbere. The twin engine Trojan is an important asset to the continued success of Atlantic…


Atlantic Towage & Marine refloat French trawler

Atlantic Towage & Marine were tasked in refloating a French fishing vessel at Castletownbere in late November. The 22m vessel MFV Bara Brenn was attempting to navigate the channel leaving the harbour when she ran aground.  The incident happened approximately 300 metres from the quay at Dinish Island. It was established that there was no immediate danger to either the crew or the vessel, and a decision was made to refloat the vessel at the next high tide, which was due in the early hours of the following day. The Oceanbank was used in the operation, and the Barra Brenn was successfully refloated just after midnight. The vessel then made…


Atlantic Towage & Marine raise fishing boat

  Atlantic Towage & Marine were recently contracted by the insurers to raise  a sunken fishing boat outside Cork Harbour. They were assisted by personnel from Blue Ocean Marine. The  Peggy M, a Cygnus 38 class boat with one crewmember onboard was out fishing in late November, when a call was made to Valentia Coastguard that the vessel was in distress.  The fisherman managed to launch an onboard lifeboat and was picked up by the Ballycotton lifeboat.  The Peggy M sank soon afterwards. Using the tug Oceanbank, Atlantic Towage & Marine raised the vessel to the surface using inflatable marine salvage airbags, and its onboard deck crane.  Once raised the…


Oceanbank Refloats Grounded Spanish Trawler

The Oceanbank assisted in refloating a Spanish fishing vessel the Nuevo Ria Aldan, which ran aground on rocks at Ardnakinna Lighthouse, Bere Island on Saturday 27th October 2012.  The vessel was bound for Castletownbere harbour when she went onto rocks below the lighthouse at 5am that morning. All eleven crewmembers were safely transferred from the vessel; none sustained any injuries during the incident.  Conditions were very good at the time of the grounding. The Oceanbank successfully refloated the 30m steel-hulled vessel at 4pm that afternoon. A Coastguard helicopter flew over the scene to confirm that there was no oil leakage or pollution. The vessel was escorted into Castletownbere where the…


New Vessel for Atlantic Towage – Trojan

Atlantic Towage & Marine has recently purchased a new multi purpose work-boat. The vessel Trojan is a twin-screw highly manouverable work-boat / tug ideal for working with marine construction projects, dredging and coastal towage. The Trojan is in the process of getting a new deck crane and hydrolic A-frame fitted to make her even more versatile.